The majority of the projects that TÜV SÜD Dunbar Boardman work on are refurbishment and modernisation projects. We have a wealth of experience updating lift and escalator systems. Our approach is to first understand your needs and precise requirements and then to create an action plan detailing how your specifications will be met and in what time frame. Performance is usually at the heart of any refurbishment and modernisation project. Refurbishment could be prompted by wear and tear or alternatively they could be driven by a desire to increase the sustainability of a building or to meet with new industry standards.Installing a Destination Control System is one example of how the performance of a building can be improved during a phase of refurbishment or modernisation.

Refurbishments could be far more extensive or a framework agreement could involve work being completed on multiple sites. It is because of this that TÜV SÜD Dunbar Boardman offer a comprehensive range of services that include:

  • Specification
  • Special Requirements
  • New Developments
  • Aesthetics & Finishes
  • Optional Features