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What we do - Dunbar & Boardman


Vertical Transportation and Building Maintenance Units (BMU) account for the majority of TÜV SÜD Dunbar Boardman's consultancy work.

Vertical Transportation
Vertical transportation is a phrase used to describe different methods of moving people between floors in a building. Lifts and standard escalators are the most well known types of vertical transportation but vertical transportation also includes rarer solutions such as Inclined Lifts often referred to as ‘Inclinators’ and curved escalators which often amaze people when they see them for the first time.

Click here to read about an Inclined lift project that TÜV SÜD Dunbar Boardman successfully delivered and click here to read more about curved escalators. There are also Double – Deck elevators that consist of two elevators stacked on top of each other. Read more about Double – Deck elevators here

Building Maintenance Units
Building Maintenance Units (BMU) are mechanical devices that enable the maintenance and cleaning of high rise buildings. They form a suspended access system allowing humans or robots to complete cleaning and maintenance functions. Here’s an example from a project that TÜV SÜD Dunbar Boardman worked on for the National Bank of Kuwait. Click here


We offer a full range of Maintenance Management services for all vertical transportation or access equipment. We ensure that equipment remains operational for the maximum amount of time and schedule maintenance to take into account standard wear and tear of components as well mandatory quality and safety requirements. The benefits of this approach are:

  • Cost effective maintenance
  • Control of annual expenditure
  • A unified approach to such items as Health & Safety and British Standard requirements
  • Reductions in client administration time
Click here to find out more about the Maintenance Management projects we have worked on.


Expert witness

An expert witness is one that has expertise and specialist knowledge in a particular field by virtue of their career and associated skill set. TÜV SÜD Dunbar Boardman acts as an expert witness in both commercial and injury cases and have done so since the 1980’s. We have a comprehensive range of services and can tailor our services to meet your specific need. We provide impartial expert knowledge that helps bring disputes to a conclusion and/or accelerates any negotiations taking place. In this capacity we have provided technical reviews of existing schemes, buildings and provided due diligence reports during the purchase of properties.

To find out more about our Expert Witness services and some of the projects we have been called worked on Click here

Destination Control

Destination Control is a traffic management system for lift passengers that groups people and their destinations and then selects the most efficient lift car for their journey. Destination Control can be installed in new buildings and significantly can also be applied to existing buildings too. To find out more about Destination Control and the Destination Control projects we have worked on click here.